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gandophar - mai multe despre mine

Name : ganea liviu - emanuel
Nick Name : luvart "vadis" gandophar
Birthdate : 08/15/1989
Birthplace : bucharest
Current Location : bucharest & curtea de arges
Eye Color : hazel
Hair Color : dark
Height : 1.85
Weight : 79
Piercings : -
Tatoos : -
Girlfriend : andreea aka. terrorvision™
Vehicle : -

Food : ...
Pub/Disc/Restaurant : "my club"
Candy : ...
Number : 22
Color : black, purple, red, orange, green
Animal : deutscher schäferhund
Drink : beer
Body Part on Opposite sex : ass, mouth, pussy [only my girl and she's girls]
Perfume : str8
TV Show : a-hunting
Music Album : amorphis-tuonela
Movie : the good, the bad & the ugly
Actor/Actress : clint eastwood

Pepsi or Coke : coke
McDonalds or BurgerKing : burgerking
Chocolate or Vanilla chocolate
Hot Chocolate or Coffee : both
Dog or Cat : both
Rap or Punk : both
Summer or Winter : both
Scary Movies or Funny Movies : both
Love or Money : both [especially love]

Cheated Your Partner : no
Ever been beaten up : no
Ever beaten someone up : yes
Ever Shoplifted : no
Ever Skinny Dipped : no
Ever Kissed Opposite sex : yes
Been Dumped Lately : no

Favorite Eye Color : black/hazel
Favorite Hair Color : blond/dark/red
Short or Long : long
Height : like my love
Style : like my love
Looks or Personality : like my love
Hot or Cute: like my love
Muscular or Really Skinny : like my love

What country do you want to Visit : Finland
How do you want to Die : in my bed
Been to the Mall Lately : yes
Get along with your Parents : yes
Health Freak : no
Do you think your Attractive : only for my love
Believe in Yourself : everytime...yes
Want to go to College : i'm there ;))
Do you Smoke : yes
Do you Drink : yes
Shower Daily : yes
Been in Love : yes :X
Do you Sing : yes
Want to get Married : yes..with my love
Do you want Children : yes..with my love
Age you wanna lose your Virginity : 19..with my love
Hate anyone : -

Mesaje primite
  • postat de darkpoetry333 la data de 14.06.2010, 15:50
    esti tare!
    big hug

  • Design îmbunătățit winking
    postat de thutat la data de 25.11.2010, 09:14 s-a înnoit cu un design îmbunătățit și câteva secțiuni noi! Sper să îți placă.

    Dacă ai sugestii pentru secțiuni noi, fă click în partea de sus a paginii unde scrie ”vrei ceva nou” și spune ce vrei nou, pe site.

    Așteptăm sugestii despre cum să îmbunătățim și designul expresialurilor. Ai vreo idee?

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